Crossyear Project

2011 Project

Resting Place between Engineering Bldg.2. and Architectural design Bldg.

Cross year project is done, at the beginning of each semester by groups of students from all years. It is a design competition with a common theme that wii give students an opportunity to design and construct, It wii require an active participation from all students as the work has to be done outside the scheduled lectures.


This year’s Cross Year Project will take a form of a workshop, at univ,-campus for the duration of two days, Lectures and discussions on the chosen topic will take place on site, and groups of approximately 15 students will work together to set up a ‘resting place’ to actively explore and find a solution for the given brief. The presentation and judging will take place at the sie by the participating professors and awards will be given to the selected best works.


Date : 2011, September 26-30

Location : Space between Engineering Bldg.2. and Architectural design Bldg

Main Material : Wood


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