International Architectural Olympiad

International Architectural Olympiad

The School of Architecture and Architectural Engineering at Hanyang University (HYU ERICA) in the Republic of Korea, in conjunction with the National University of Singapore (NUS) in Singapore, intends to organize the international Architectural Olympiad in the Asian Region for a design contest for high school students in 10 to 12th grade, this initiative has received and approval of the UIA.


The purpose of the Olympic is to discover talented high school students in architectural design who aspire to meet new challenges and pursue a career in architectural design and planning. the design contest is also intended to provide young students and general public opportunities to promote interests on and to better understand urban environment, architecture, and environmental resource. The Olympiad will be a celebration for the young creative high school students who have dreams and hopes in creating a new society through architecture.


한양대학교 에리카캠퍼스 건축학부에서는 건축분야에 재능 있는 인재를 초기발굴하고 건축문화의 창달을 위한 새로운 시도로서 2002년부터 국내 최초 전국 규모의 한양대 국제 건축 올림피아드를 단독으로 6회 개최하였습니다.


또한 2005년부터는 싱가폴국립대학교(NUS)와 함께 아시아 국제건축올림피아드를 공동개최 한 후 작년 8회째를 맞게 되었습니다. 본 행사는 건축을 통하여 좀 더 나은 사회를 만들고자하는 꿈과 희망을 가진 창조적인 학생들을 위한 축제의 장이 될 것입니다.

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